Who Is This Chick?

I am a woman in my early 30s and I’m recovering from sex and love addiction. Even though I write about a lot of heavy shit, I try to do it with some degree of humor. Occasionally I’m successful.

I spent most of my life trying to find the perfect boyfriend/father figure who would rescue me and make my life worth living. This blog is about my journey to recover from my addictions, become a whole person, and rescue myself.

Because I wish to remain anonymous, everyone I write about has been given a pseudonym. Sometimes I also change small identifying details for the same reason. Everything else on this blog is true.

All comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!


19 comments on “Who Is This Chick?

  1. Hello. I’ve recently discovered your blog and I’m really enjoying reading your posts, past and present. For a while I’ve wanted to start a blog of my own, and reading yours has helped me get started. I wanted to know a few things about your experience blogging. How do you think people find your blog? I found it after searching SLAA. How many followers do you have? Does anyone you know in person read your blog? Do you ever worry about being “discovered”, and your blog being linked to your identity? I was also wondering what blogs you follow, and if you have any favorites. I think you mentioned wanting to be a writer. Do you have formal education in writing? I am inspired by your blog, but I’m also humbled by the quality of your writing.

    Here’s the link to my blog. I’m just getting started. I’m working on providing some background information for a framework from which to write my current musings. Right now I’m on a rare vacation, which is why I was able to get this started. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to keep up.

    • Imperfect says:

      Hi. Thanks for reading my blog and for your compliments on my writing. I’ll make sure to check out your blog.

      I think most people find my blog through the various tags I use and maybe by the comments I’ve made on other blogs, but I don’t know for certain. Some of my close friends know about my blog, but I don’t think any of them read it regularly (I usually have to badger them into reading it). I change names and try not to write about too many identifying details, so hopefully no one will find it and link it to me. Since I’m no longer acting out and try to live my life with honnesty and integrity, I don’t think it would be a big deal if anyone did find it.

      I find a lot of blogs by following tags that I’m interesed in. Lexiconlover and Imloveaddicted are two bloggers that I like who also write about sex and love addiction.

      Good luck with your blog and your recovery.

  2. pivoine68 says:

    I am really enjoying your blog as well. I see a lot of myself in your words. You are an excellent writer!

  3. H.H. says:

    My blog might not be appropriate for you, but it too deals with sex-addiction.


  4. I enjoy reading your blog, the honesty in it comes through in such a relational way which is why I’m sure many others thoroughly enjoy reading it as well.

  5. sirtilc42 says:

    Very interesting blog you’ve got here…

  6. yasipoo says:

    Hey, interesting read. I too am in SLAA / SAA. Keep doing what you are doing!

  7. yasipoo says:

    The pleasure was all mine 🙂 Keep posting!

  8. great blog, you’re very interesting!

  9. l0velyjune says:

    Great blog! And good for you for being in recovery.

  10. Hey I just started following your blog and i have found it so helpful and i have so many similarities to you. I’d love to talk to you a bit more maybe on FB chat? I swear im not some weirdo! I’m just trying to make myself more of a support system and reach out to people and help others as well. I blogged for many years about my eating disorder and it was very helpful to meet people and have support. now im adressing other issues (BPD and love stuffff) if you would like some support and to chat add me on fb!!!!

    Dana michelle colthart

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I am also a member of SLAA, and struggling today. Thank you for sharing your experience here.

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