Letters From An Angry Addict

iStock_000003237600SmallAs a child, I never learned how to properly deal with emotions. Rather than express fear, sadness, angry, anxiety, etc. I learned how to use things to dull them and stuff them down. Now that I’m no longer using, I am left with all of these emotions and have no idea how to appropriately express them. For example, I know it’s not cool to yell at someone who frustrates me at work. Before I would have maybe sent a sext to a guy and used the attention to feel better. I can’t do that now. I have to experience each uncomfortable emotion and then sooth myself in a healthy way.

The other day I told my therapist that I have no idea how to sooth anger other than verbally attack the object of my anger. She suggested that I write letters that I never send. Here’s a couple that I wrote today. Note: I know these are pretty mean, but that’s kind of the point since none of the addressees will ever read these (maybe with the exception of  the comment lady, but I seriously doubt she’s coming back again). I would never actually send any of these.


Dear Egomanic I Once Dated,
Guess what? I only dated you because you looked kinda like another guy I wasn’t over yet. Not sound logic, I know, but that’s not the point. The point is that the whole time I dated you I was still hung up on that other dude who, btw, was way more fun than you. I don’t know why I put up with your cloying, condescending, and presumptive “concern” that I was getting too close and that you didn’t want to hurt me. Bitch, I never even came close to falling for you. I also don’t know why I didn’t just punch you in the balls the first time I said, “I missed you,” and you replied, “thank you.”

I told you that I was in recovery for sex and love addiction because I still considered you a friend and wanted to let you know why I wasn’t around, not because I was trying to get back together with you. Since you are you, though, you assumed the later. Not sure why I didn’t see that coming. Part of me wishes that I had told you about this blog so I could sit back and enjoy all the extra page hits as you combed through each and every entry trying to find out how many times I had written about you. Spoiler alert: zero.



Dear Bitch Who Commented on This Post,
I don’t like your tone so I’m not going to accept your comment. Since reading comprehension (along with spelling, punctation and grammar) obviously isn’t your forte, let me break it down for you. Number one, I haven’t been on a dating site in a year and a half as it is one of the behaviors I abstain from in sobriety. Please “read” (in quotes because I know you just skimmed) more than one post before you decide to give me a lecture in the comments section of my blog. Number two, I did meet him in public for our first date. Thanks for victim blaming and implying the whole thing was my fault, though.

Oh, and number three… Fuck You!

Take Care,


Dear Mindy,
Your husband (you know, that dude you’re married too who used to be hot but now has a face only meth could love) cheats on you all every chance he gets. He invites strangers over to your house when you are out of town on work trips. He does drugs and has sex with them while your children are asleep upstairs. He cheats on you constantly, even when you are in town. Don’t you wonder where he goes all the time at night?

I know I shouldn’t be angry at you, and that your marriage is none of my business, but I am. Your husband lied to me repeatedly, swearing that he was divorced from you. He hurt me a great deal. I honestly don’t understand how you could not know what he’s up to. I feel a lot more compassion toward you than I feel anger, but I do feel anger. It doesn’t seem fair that he gets to  be such a creep and still be married to someone who is as beautiful and successful as you seem to be. Please do me yourself a favor and leave him.

Your husband’s former fuck buddy


Dear Asshats Who Park on My Street and Take up Two Parking Spots,
Hey idiot, take a look around the neighborhood. Notice how every other car is parked just a few inches from the bumper in front of it? That’s cause there is limited street parking in this area (not sure how that escaped your notice) and everyone else who parked his or her car was considerate of that fact. Nothing breaks my heart more than coming home late at night and seeing your piece of shit car parked directly in front of my apartment building with half car space between both the car in front of you and the car behind you, forcing me to spend half an hour scouring the neighborhood for a space. Go suck a bag of dicks you fucking moron!

Your Friendly Neighbor


Thanks for indulging me this writing exercise. Hope I didn’t offend any of you with my anger.

13 comments on “Letters From An Angry Addict

  1. bossymoksie says:

    That was awesome! A few made me laugh.
    Those are legitimate reasons to get angry!!!! What a great exercise.
    Did it help? Do you feel better? If so I may have to try this!

  2. petrichoric says:

    Oh good, you’re back. I wish you would write more. Your writing is far too good for the posts to be so infrequent. Your letters were very funny, and I didn’t find them to be particularly mean. Verbal abuse, sadly, is my forte. I’m trying to work on that, though.

    • Imperfect says:

      I can relate. Verbal abuse used to be my forte, as well. Some of the meanest things I’ve ever heard have come out of my own mouth. It’s something I’ve worked on quite a bit. I used to think that my hurt feelings gave me carte blanche to verbally eviscerate someone.

      I’ll try to write more entries soon. I’m at the stage where I’m tending to find a lot of humor in some really dark shit related to my addictions, and I don’t want to offend anyone.

  3. petrichoric says:

    I don’t think you should be worried about offending anybody. It’s your blog, so write what you want. And if people don’t like it, well, fuck ’em. Plus, um, “dark shit related to my addictions”, sounds pretty good reading if you ask me!

  4. Ms. Tress says:

    Please write more of these! And I’m totally going to steal your idea and write some of my own. It seems very cathartic. Btw, I can’t believe someone would have the nerve to submit disparaging comments on a post in which you discuss being sexually assaulted. WTF? Before I clicked on the link, I said to myself, “This better not be the post she wrote about getting raped!”

    • Imperfect says:

      Yeah, some people are idiots. When I first started this blog I thought I would get tons of mean comments, because I see mean comments all the time online. However, out of nearly 600 comments only 3 have ever been negative. The rest have been so supportive and kind.

  5. I love your honesty! Fucking love it!!!

  6. lexiconlover says:

    This is awesome!!!!!!!

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