Underneath a Sex/Love Addict’s Bed

Yesterday, I moved apartments. A friend advised me, “You should probably move your bed before the movers get there; make sure there isn’t anything embarrassing.” That turned out to be sage advice, indeed. Along with the solo socks and hair bands, here’s what I found when I moved my bed:
-a hot pink mini vibrator (score!)
-a condom wrapper
-fishnet stalkings
-five-inch Frederick’s of Hollywood fuck-me heels
-a push-up bra insert
-Pia Mellody’s Facing Love Addiction (I knew I had that book somewhere)


3 comments on “Underneath a Sex/Love Addict’s Bed

  1. I’m laughing because it was funny hearing you find each thing while we were talking. 🙂

  2. lexiconlover says:

    I have OCD. I am far too organized to find stray items underneath the bed. LOL. It would be interesting to go through other places well “hidden” in my bedroom though.

  3. Imperfect says:

    I’m extremely disorganized. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf in my new home, though. I want everything I own to have a place.

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